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Here's how it came to be:

I would say the main reason I created the Maine Home Shirt was because growing up in Bangor all I ever heard young people saying was "Maine sucks" or "I can't wait to move away." After I moved away myself and lived in other cities around the country, all I ever heard was "I love California!" or "I'm proud to be from New York." It was strange for me to see first hand the difference in state pride, especially for high school kids growing up in small-town Bangor. It made me a little angry, but it also motivated me. I returned home and created the Maine Home Shirt. My personal mission was to give people a reason to want to stay in Maine, a reason to be PROUD of Maine. 

The Maine Home Shirt has a different meaning for every person who owns one. Some now live away and wear it as a badge to show their roots. Some wear it to UMaine hockey games to show support for their team. Some bring it with them when they travel so they can upload their picture to the Maine Home Shirt Facebook page and say,"I love traveling in Spain right now, but deep down I'll always be a Mainer!" Regardless of the reason, I am proud that Mainers are finally excited to showcase their home state and aren't afraid to wear it on their chest. 

As far as the actual design goes, I was watching the film "W" with my childhood friend John Gillis. We had been talking about creating a Maine pride shirt for a few weeks, but hadn't settled on a particular design yet. During the scene when George Bush's character is jogging, we noticed he was wearing a shirt with the flag of Texas on it. Under the flag it said "HOME". We both immediately turned to each other and said, "Damn, that's the type of shirt we need to make." Just like that, the Maine Home Shirt was born. After much tinkering in Photoshop, I decided to go with the subtle and more recognizable outline of the state of Maine, instead of the state flag. I've been selling the shirt since October 17th, 2008.

-Chas Bruns

Special thanks to the wardrobe department on "W". We owe you one.


If you want to save on shipping, you can also buy the Maine Home Shirt here:

G&M Family Market 1024 Main Rd #3, Holden, ME 04429 (207) 843-6422

Made in Maine, by Maine-ah's, for Maine-ah's.
They're wicked good bub!

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